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Type: Residential, code compliance, labels and standards (certification)
Consultant: EQUA
Client: Einar Mattsson
Summary: Residential building certified according to Swedish green building system Miljöbyggnad, using dedicated IDA ICE extension. Both apartments and systems were modified as a result of the simulation model.


The project involved construction of a large multi-storey residential building in Stockholm, Sweden. The building was to be certified according to the green building system Miljöbyggnad which rates the building in fifteen different aspects (indicators). The system put requirements on for example energy use, heating demand, thermal comfort, max solar load and daylight. Finding, for example, the optimum glazing sizes and types put a major challenge into the project and previous approaches included the use of several softwares, resulting in an extremely time-consuming process.


The entire building was modelled in IDA ICE on a room-by-room resolution. Six of the indicators were evaluated based on the same simulation model. The IDA ICE extension module Miljöbyggnad was used to simplify the work. The extension has custom–designed simulation setups for the six indicators meaning that the model is automatically adjusted and reports are generated to fit with the requirements of Miljöbyggnad.


The apartments and systems of the building were modified based on the result from the simulation model. The requirements for the indicators of Miljöbyggnad were met to ensure occupants health and comfort as well as a low energy use.

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Daylight factors are simulated based on the geometry of the IDA ICE model and the Radiance simulation engine


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