• ESBO 4.3

    ESBO 2.3 is released!  

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  • IDA ICE 4.8

    IDA ICE 4.8 is released!  

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  • Parametric runs

    Parametric runs

    Optimization directly in IDA ICE 4.8

  • Combined modeling

    Spectral calculations  

    Higher accuracy with IDA ICE 4.8    

A different solution

Watch this movie and learn what makes IDA ICE different to other building simulation tools.
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ASHRAE 90.1 extension

Simplify LEED and BREEAM submittals with the ASHRAE 90.1 extension for IDA ICE. Easily create Proposed and Baseline buildings.
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 Try hands-on

Interested in IDA ICE? We offer free live web demos and trial versions.
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