The IDA ICE technical support and training are two very important elements of our service offer, and we offer regulary courses and seminares, both web based and in our offices.

Want to take a course in IDA ICE?

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Our courses are normally held in our offices, and after completing a course you will receive a course certificate. Upon request we can also arrange tailor made courses, and even in your office, if preferred.


Our free breakfast seminars and webinars are also an important and popular way to learn more about IDA ICE and our services, and also to meet other IDA ICE users and to share knowledge. 


In our standard range of courses we introduce you to the fundamental functionalities of IDA ICE and the process of creating a simulation model. The lectures are interspersed with computer exercises and cover:


  • Building geometry
  • Defining standard constructions
  • Windows and shadows
  • Mechanical ventilation and infiltration
  • Thermal bridges
  • Reports
  • Different kinds of simulations (cooling, heating and energy)
  • How to best create a simulation model
  • System losses, including pipes and ducts
  • Detailed review of reports
  • Different air handling units (AHU)
  • Demand controlled ventilation
  • Openable windows and doors (also temperature controlled)
  • New window model according to ISO 15099V
  • Version handling system
  • BIM import
  • 3D visualization
  • NMF source code
  • Logging of variables
  • Placing actuators and sensors
  • Time controlled setpoints


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