The flexible and dynamic structure of IDA ICE allows for efficient development of new software components, user interfaces and even entire tailor-made simulation applications. The software can therefore easily be customised in accordance with your personal needs.

Below is a list of some customization works made for our customers

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leaf Energy and Indoor Climate Visualizer



The VELUX Energy and Indoor Climate Visualizer (EIC) focuses on windows and solar shading and is used to evaluate the performance of single-family houses with respect to energy, ventilation and indoor climate.
The EIC Visualizer is a sales tool used by VELUX Group representatives worldwide.
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leaf ProClim Web



Swegon's ProClim Web is a program for calculating the heat balance in a room.
ProClim Web has over 6 000 registered users worldwide and aids the planner by calculating the size of cooling effect required for each room.
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leaf ExSelAir / Simulate Air



Simulations of air flows and air patterns in different premises are easy and precise with ExSelAir and Simulate Air. ExSelAir assists you in finding the Fläkt Woods products for your needs.
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leaf TermoDeck

TermoDeck Int.


TermoDeck's award winning heating, cooling and ventilating system using thermal mass within the building to provide low energy occupant comfort is easily simulated using the TermoDeck extension for IDA ICE.
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