Case studies

hagastaden 800
Hagastaden residentials - Miljöbyggnad

Type: Residential, code compliance, labels and standards (certification)
Summary: Residential building certified according to Swedish green building system Miljöbyggnad, using dedicated IDA ICE extension. Both apartments and systems were modified as a result of the simulation model.
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hotel 800
Energy savings in hotel retrofit

Type: Hotel, code compliance, retrofitting
Summary: Retrofit of hotel, where Swedish building code had to be followed, meets tough requirements on energy efficiency.
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free cooling 800

Free cooling of an office building

Type: Office, whole-building studies
Summary: An office building cooled with boreholes. Both borehole fields and ambient air heat exchanger could be reduced significantly in size thanks to the simulation.
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fennia 800
Fennia office building, Helsinki

Type: Office, detailed studies
Summary: Retrofit of office building with high U-values. Ceiling heating/cooling panels, integrated to Sensus-system, were carefully dimensioned and positioned, resulting in good comfort and 25-35% energy savings compared to tradition system.
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evaporative 800
Evaporative cooling of factory envelope

Type: Industrial, detailed studies
Summary: Evaporative cooling study of a factory envelope. A tailor-made extension for IDA ICE was developed and used. Comparison between measurement and simulation showed very good agreement.
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exhaust air 800
Exhaust air heat pump for residentials

Type: Residential, detailed studies
Summary: Creating an advanced plant model in order to size an exhaust air heat pump in a residential building, which is connected to a district heating system.
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floorball arena 800
Slippery floor in a floorball arena

Type: Sport, retrofitting
Summary: Retrofitting of floorball hall prevents slippery floor.
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hagaporten 3 800

Monitoring and verification of the office building Hagaporten 3

Type: Office, whole-building studies
Summary: Certified EU Green Building office lowered energy use from around 100 kWh/m2, yr to below 70 by monitoring and optimizations.
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mall of skandanavian 800

Energy model of Mall of Scandinavia

Type: Whole-building studies, code compliance, labels and standards
Summary: A 200 000 m2 shopping mall with over 1000 zones was simulated, using IFC and parallelization. Both optimization and sizing was achieved, as well verifying the energy use for the Swedish building code and the BREEAM energy credit.
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natural ventilation 800

Natural ventilation in an office building

Type: Office, whole-building studies
Summary: Verification of a natural ventilation concept in a 60 000 m2 office building. Studies on air quality and a coupled comfort, energy and cost investigation was performed.
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Model-based planning of ice preparation in a multi-purpose arena

Type: Sport, detailed studies
Summary: A multi-purpose sports arena with a seating capacity of 30 000 spectators needed a strategy for ice preparation. A detailed model was created and calibrated towards measurement.
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Hybrid (mechanical and natural) ventilation of a school building

Type: Educational, whole-building studies
Summary: A mechanical and natural ventilation system in a schoolhouse is improved by introduction of a well-designed control system.
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Study of a proposed design of an ice rink plant

Type: Sport, detailed studies
Summary: A detailed design proposal for an ice rink plant, where the excess heat is used for heating the building.
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