Highlights in 2.3


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leaf MEP CAD integration1

Import zone geometry from CAD models created in MEP CAD tools and export simulation results back to the MEP CAD tool. Any CAD tool that can export IFC files with spaces and space boundaries can be supported.

Introduction of room templates in ESBO. After setting up a number of room templates with the desired internal gains, indoor climate standard and room units etc., this data is fetched from the room templates during the IFC import.




leaf Daylight

Advanced daylight calculation by interfacing the Radiance™ lighting simulation tool. Easy calculation setup, execution and results report, all inside ESBO.  Calculation of daylight factor and illuminance2, with2 and without shading. Selection of sky models2 including CIE standard sky models and Perez climate based sky model. Report with median2, average2, minimum2, maximum2 and uniformity ratio2 and color coded field visualization.




leaf New glazing report

A new detailed glazing report has been developed with properties calculated according to EN ISO 52022-3, EN 410 and ISO 15099.




leaf New heat pump and chiller models

A new variable speed drive heat pump and chiller model, both based on compressor manufacturer polynomials, are included in ESBO 2.3. Manufacturers can upload data directly.



leaf New type of integrated shading

Switchable glass panes – e.g. electrochromic panes - can now be easily selected for windows. Access to manufacturer data has been enabled.




leaf External shading3

ESBO now supports shading from other rooms, balconies and other fixed shades.




leaf New features for windows3

The windows have been improved in ESBO 2.3. Here are a few examples:

  • A  window can be saved as a window type. It is then very easy to add more windows of this type on the Room tab or set the window type in Building 3d and shading by painting the windows of the building with window types selected in the palette.

  • Window opening can now be simulated.



leaf Usability and productivity improvements3

Wall constructions and surface properties can now efficiently be set from Building 3d and shading by painting the walls of the building with constructions and surface properties selected in the palette.



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1 Available in extension (BIM Import) to paid ESBO

2 Available in extension (Daylight) to paid ESBO

Included in paid ESBO



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