EQUA Academy´s 6th Simulation Summit

Von September 13, 2020 bis September 18, 2020
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Become an IDA ICE expert

Do you want to become a professional and advanced building modeler? Then EQUA Academy’s Simulation Summit is what you need. We meet up in an undisturbed environment to learn more about indoor climate and energy, and to learn how to model advanced issues. From students to professionals - from peers to peers - from IDA ICE users to experts. This is what we offer:

  • Lectures around practical applicationareas of IDA ICE
  • Exercises in groups and individuallyto consolidate your personal knowledge
  • Tips and tricks to solve your own problems and reach a higher efficiency in working with IDA ICE
Content and teaching methods



Beginners and intermediates

Experienced and experts

Lectures / exercises

If required: Basics

Introduction to advanced level


Early stage plant modelling

Complex controls


Yearly daylight calculation

Plant modelling


PV systems



Sensitivity and certainty analysis, parametric run, building optimization

Group exercise

Modelling and optimizing a coupled system with PV and heatpump


Treat yourself to an unforgettable learning experience

Combine work and exciting adventures in the beautiful world of the Austrian Alps! You are of course welcome to stay indoors with your simulation challenges the whole day long. However, an active break will clear your mind and bring you closer to enlightenment. You have the option to:

  • hike and/or climb
  • watch marmots, birds and/or alpine deer
  • enjoy alpine wellness


Organizational matters

What you need to bring

  • Experience or interest in IDA ICE
    • You can select between different lessons - basic, intermediate or advanced
    • You can bring your current building model challenge case to be solved
  • Course equipment
    • Your laptop with European power plug
    • Bring all necessary data, as there is a very limited internet access in the hut.
  • Mountain equipment
    • Good shoes and clothing for walking in all weather conditions
    • For the hut: Your own bed linen or silk sleeping bag, as well as towel


The hut is situated in the Schesaplana region in Austria, right at the Swiss border, at 2381 m above sea level.

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Travel schedule 

We expect to see you on Sunday 13th September you will get individually to one of the following meeting points:

  • 10:00 at Zurich airport (train departure at 10:18)
  • 13:00 at Bludenz train station (bus departure at 13:09)
  • 13:50 at Lünerseebahn valley station

On Friday 18th September, you will organize your home trip from one of the following options:

  • 13:50 at Lünerseebahn valley station
  • 13:00 at Bludenz train station (bus departure at 13:09)
  • 10:00 at Zurich airport (train departure at 10:18)
Reaching the hut 

It is a 30 minutes flat walk + 1 hour climb to the hut. For the climb, there is a cargo cable available car for our luggage.

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The following costs include full accommodation (5 nights), food and course fee:

  • Full time students: EUR 700.00
  • PHD students: EUR 1400.00
  • Others: EUR 2100.00
COVID-19 situation 

Since 29th May the Austrian huts are open again. As the density of people will be extremely low at this place and time, we expect very low infection risks. Of course there will be more rules than usual:

- You may only participate if you are in perfect health

- A distance of at least 1.5 m to people outside our group must be maintained at all times

- A face mask obligation can be imposed

- You will need to bring your own bed linen or sleeping bag, pillow and towel


We will hold the course as long as the situation allows it. The registration is therefore not binding and the payment of the course fee is only due after the decision to hold the course. It is also possible that we will have to limit the number of participants. Early registration can therefore be recommended. We will decide by 24th August at the latest whether to run the course or not. Invoices will be sent at that date to all registered persons and the registration can be confirmed by payment of the course costs.