Scripting (Scrp)

From March 19, 2024 until March 19, 2024
At Online
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Online - Lesson Scripting

This lesson not only teaches you the basics, but also introduces you to a variety of useful scripts that are specially tailored to the requirements of IDA ICE. Optimise your workflow with scripts in IDA ICE!


It is expected that the course participants…

  • … have gained experience in the use of IDA ICE to investigate the dynamic behaviour of individual rooms in specific building project
  • ...have gained experience in advanced level and graphical scripts
  • Lesson Scrp:
    • The lesson covers
                - how and where to apply scripts
                - how to derive scripts
                - an overview of important functions
                - Creation of a template with Graphical Script for storing and managing scripts


Time: 10.00-12.30 Uhr
Location: Teams
Costs: 230 EUR