Advanced Course NMF

From March 20, 2024 until March 20, 2024
At Online
+41 44 880 12 11


In this lesson you will gain an in-depth insight into selected features for increasing productivity, which are particularly important for teaching, as well as an introduction to equation-based modelling with NMF.


It is expected that the course participants…

  • … have gained experience in the use of IDA ICE to investigate the dynamic behaviour of individual rooms in specific building projects

  • Lesson NMF:
    • Start creating your own model components for IDA ICE. You will learn how to prepare an NMF project, how to translate and compile it, and how to add your component(s) to your IDA ICE model library. During this guided exercise we will go through the following steps:
                - Create an NMF project
                - Translate and compile your model components
                - Extend your IDA application with your new model component library
                - Find and adapt the relevant files for your model library extension


Time: 10.00-12.30 Uhr
Location: Teams
Costs: 230 EUR