Graphical scripting (Opt0/GraScp) - Online

From March 18, 2024 until March 18, 2024
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Online - Lesson Opt0 (GraScp)

It is expected that the course participants …

  • … have gained experience in the application of IDA ICE on specific construction projects and ...
  • … are familiar with the knowledge imparted in the basic course and have refreshed it for individual course preparation
  • … have completed at least one continuation course or the introduction to the Advanced Level


  • Lesson: Graphical scripting (GraScrp)
    A new feature of version 4.8 is "Graphical Scripting". This feature can be used in a variety of ways to parameterise the model or carry out simple parameter studies. It is also useful for analysing and processing the results of a simulation (e.g. to calculate costs). In combination with Parametric runs, this expands the possibilities for defining target functions for optimisation problems.


Time: 10:00-12:30 Uhr (inkl. 30 Minuten Pause)
Location: Online via Teams
Kurskosten: 230 EUR