Create own ventilation unit (AHU1) - Online

From November 07, 2023 10:00 until November 07, 2023 12:30
At Online
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Online - Lesson AHU1

  • Prerequisites
    It is expected that the course participants ...

    • ... have gained experience in the application of IDA ICE for the investigation of the dynamic behaviour of individual rooms in concrete building projects and ...
    • ... know the knowledge imparted in the basic course and refresh it for individual course preparation.


  • Lektion: eigenes Lüftungsgerät erstellen (AHU1)
    Ventilation units can be built and controlled in many different ways. In this lesson we will learn how to extend a standard ventilation unit from the ICE library with new components and our own controls. We will add rotary heat exchangers, heating coils, cooling coils and humidification, as well as different controls for these components. Most buildings have a more or less complex ventilation system. To understand the model of a typical ventilation unit, this guide describes the most important parts:
    • Enthalpy wheel (EnthWheel)
    • Cooling coil (CCSIM)
    • Steam humidifier (STINJCTR)
    • Sensor (STATSENS)
    • Proportional controller with setpoint signal (PSMOOTH2)
    • Water source (PMT_Source)
    • Smoothed min. or max. value (MINMAXD)


CET Time: 10:00-12:30 o'clock (incl. 30 minutes break)
Location: Online
Course costs: 165 EUR (standard terms)