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leaf Custom controls

This movie gives an introduction to custom controls, a feature that greatly increases simulation possibilities and capabilities in IDA ICE.



leaf Summer simulation - passive cooling

Window Design, natural ventilation, thermal mass, PMV and PPD (Fanger), adaptive comfort model (EN 15251), 3D Visualization


leaf Summer simulation - active systems

Local supply units, air handling units, variable air volume systems, cold generation, control systems



leaf Windows and Shading

Basic and Detailed Window Model, integrated and external window shading, window ventilation, control definition, double skin facades, site shading, 3D result animation 


leaf Classroom

Detailed evaluation of a space with window ventilation for summer and winter cases, as well as comparison of different design and control strategies with the Version Manager



leaf Advanced level

Adaptation of the boundary conditions of a building model in the Advanced Level to improve agreements between measured and results data


leaf Multi family building

Input of a 3D building model via 2D floor plans and comparison of input data and results before and after retrofit



leaf IFC import

Import of a complete building model, attribution of material and usage data, visualization of input data, heating and cooling load calculations, energy calculations, result visualization



leaf ASHRAE 90.1 (LEED)


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