Model-based planning of ice preparation in a multi-purpose arena

1Project facts

Type: Sport, detailed studies
Consultant: EQUA
Client: SGA Fastigheter
Summary: A multi-purpose sports arena with a seating capacity of 30 000 spectators needed a strategy for ice preparation. A detailed model was created and calibrated towards measurement.


Tele2 Arena in Stockholm is a multi-purpose sports arena with a seating capacity of 30 000 spectators. Typical events include football games and music concerts. The arena also has the capability to freeze an ice bandy rink. Pipes circulating low temperature brine are immersed in the concrete slab below the open space pitch.

The time for switching between different events is crucial. Evaluating different strategies of ice preparation in practice is time-consuming and expensive. A model for testing different options would certainly be useful. The challenge of simultaneously model the arena space, the HVAC system, the chillers, the brine loop and phase changing surface is big.


EQUA was engaged to design a model and to calibrate it towards measurement of the arena space temperature, the ice temperature and the brine supply and return temperatures. Time series covering a period of more than a month and including ice preparation exercises was used.
The model included both the arena space, divided into three zones in horizontal direction and ambient zones, the HVAC system serving the arena space, the chillers, the brine system including the dynamics of the concrete slab and the water/ice surface. The component model of the combined water and ice surface was adjusted to account for the gradually increase of water on the pitch.



The calibrated model was used to:
  • Investigate the total time of ice preparation for various initial conditions, supply brine temperatures and brine flow rates.
  • Investigate the arena air temperature and ice temperature during a sold out ice bandy event with design loads.
  • Predict a reasonable ice preparation schedule including time for supplying water and painting the lines.


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