HVAC Controls course

From November 04, 2021 until November 04, 2021


Controls in the HVAC systems (range between residential to complex levels) are permanently used to give to the system instructions upon required operations. The main purpose is to influence the thermal comfort and the energy usage of the building, to avoid wasteful operations, e.g. simultaneous heating and cooling. Control is based on the output signal, as a result of a setpoint and a measured data, combined with different functions. 

In this course, we will go through different control mechanisms regarding window shades, window opening control options, ventilation control schemes (e.g. atrium ventilation, CO2 and VAV ventilation, dewpoint control,  etc), return air quality control, heating control options, double unit control.

The course will comprise of focused control theory and active exercises regarding connections in the major components (AHU, window, shadings etc) of the HVAC system. Individual requests may be considered as well.


Number of days: 1
Date: Thursday, 4 November 2021
Time: 08.15-15.45 (CET - Stockholm, Berlin, Rome) 
Location: Online (Teams)
Price:  500 € + VAT
Language: English
Software: IDA ICE 4.8 Expert, (temporary licenses will be provided)
Prerequisites: Intermediate level, basics of HVAC systems



Mika Vuolle and Viktoria Nadas. 


Covid-19 / Online course
EQUA follows the recommendations regarding Covid-19 and therefore runs this course via the web. The course content is identical to our classroom educations and there will be the same opportunities for questions and discussions.


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Registration deadline: 1 November 2021.
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