EQUA Academy´s 5th Simulation Summit

From September 29, 2019 until October 04, 2019
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Do you want to become a professional and advanced building modeler? Then EQUA Academy’s Simulation Summit is what you need. We meet in an undisturbed environment to learn more about indoor climate and energy, and to learn how to model advanced issues. From students to professionals - from peers to peers - from IDA ICE users to experts.

  • Lectures will be provided
  • Hands-on sessions will be held
  • Exercises will be done in groups
  • Tips and tricks to solve your own problems

Combine work and exciting adventures in the beautiful world of the Alps! You are of course welcome to stay indoors with your simulation challenges the whole day long. However, an active break will clear your mind and bring you closer to enlightenment.


What you need to bring

  • Experience or interest in IDA ICE
    You can select between different lessons – basic, intermediate, advanced or expert level
  • Course equipment
    Your laptop with Swiss or European power plug
  • Mountain equipment
    You don’t have to be a mountain goat. But our hut will be in real wilderness and we will need to walk for two hours to get there. The weather conditions can be anything between snowstorm and bright sunshine with temperatures  of -5 to 20 °C.

Special offer for students

If you are a full time student without a private company being interested in your education, you are invited to take part at cost price (700 EUR including accomodation and food). Together with some homework of app. 2 days, you will also get 2 ECTS credits from Aalto University. Other universities will accept these credits for their courses. Ask us or your adviser about the situation at your university.
Find the requirements for your ECTS credits here


  • Full time students: EUR 700.00
  • PHD students: EUR 1 400.00
  • Others: EUR 2 100.00

Lidernenhütte, Riemenstalden, Switzerland

Registration: As long as space is available! Please register with the button "Registration" at the top of the page


See  Gruppe  Klettern  Panorama